Des Moines Investment - Silvercap Team

Silvercap Wealth Management is an independent investment management and financial planning firm located in West Des Moines, Iowa. At Silvercap, we pride ourselves on being a “one-stop shop” for comprehensive and fully integrated wealth management. Silvercap was born from a vision of creating a small, independent firm, able to deliver unbiased and personalized service to our clients. We are able to achieve this by always focusing on our clients financial goals, and taking a proactive approach to changes in the market and our client’s lives.

  • Investing is like climbing a mountain, filled with risk and challenges. The wise climber seeks a knowledgeable guide, as does the wise investor.

Our Team

At Silvercap, our team is experienced working with a wide array of financial situations. Just as a good quarterback needs a good offense, we utilize a vast network of experts in related areas when your situation calls for it.

Our Areas of Specialty Include:

Accumulators & Family Stewards: Many people get to a point where they realize they need an advisor to help them manage their family’s investments. Having the right plan at the beginning is critical.


Pre-Retirees: Clients with 1-5 years to retirement is a major segment of our client base. Retiring with ease of mind takes a lot of planning and analysis. This is our #1 specialty.


Retirees: In today’s economic environment, finding good retirement income, while keeping on track with your long term financial goals, isn’t as easy as it used to be. With over 40% of our clients currently in retirement, we work every day with clients in the “distribution phase”.


Business Owners: Your business has hopefully been the best investment you made in your lifetime. We help look at the big picture by providing ideas for retirement planning, diversification outside the business, tax strategies, succession planning and many other important items.


Agriculture: America’s farmers have gotten where they are today with a lot of hard work, planning and perseverance. The complex issues that farmers need help with require a team with experience and resources specific to agriculture, from tax strategies to estate planning for generations to come.


Survivors: Oftentimes, one spouse handles the finances throughout a marriage. When a death or divorce occurs, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and worry about making a wrong decision. We move slowly and deliberate as we educate and advise through this difficult time.

Investment advice for widows